Sights and Sounds at Amis

The autumn colors of yellow, red and brown have settled on Amis Mill this cool November day…





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Check out these precious little fawns on the grounds at Amis Mill…

0811Fawns 0811Fawns2

Four year old Brody enjoyed his July 3rd trip to Amis Mill to see Tess, our mascot, and pose for a pic with Capt. Thomas Amis’ headstone.  Thanks for a great picture and letting us share it!

4th 011

Following is a medley of sites and sounds at Amis Mill, bringing it to life for you to enjoy online!  It’s more breathtaking to see it all personally and imagine a day in the life of the Amis family in 1780’s America.


0716Misty14 0716Misty13 0716Misty12



First sunflower of the year in the Amis Historic Garden. Beautiful photos taken by Wendy.

Sunflwr Sunflwr2

There’s beauty at Amis Mill, even in the smallest details.  Nature added the magnificent markings to this Tiger Swallowtail, shown sampling the Mexican Hat flowers…


What a turnout!  We had fair weather and a full house!  Thank you all for your patronage at the Eatery!


Nature is aflutter on the coneflowers.  Below are pics of the Spicebush Swallowtail Butterfly alongside the Bumble Bees…




Visit the Birdhouse Trail to view this little box turtle.  Pic shows newly laid eggs!


Thanks to our vendors for making our quality dishes possible…


After a bustling day at the Eatery quiet settles over the Mill along with a spectacular sunset…


Spring has arrived at Amis Mill with beautiful color around the grounds..

Flowers1 Flowers2 Flowers3 Flowers4 Flowers5 Flowers6 Flowers7

Lost in time, this old wagon is parked beneath the shed of the corn crib…

Corn Crib


Watch Clay’s videos of the Amis Dam and gristmill’s historic remains…

With June blossoming at Amis we welcome vacationing tourists to the area to enjoy a relaxing meal and stroll around the grounds…

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Happy trails to Amis Mill but it doesn’t matter how you get here.  People walk, drive or even ride a horse and carriage to Amis Mill Eatery.

050114 Buggy